Impounded Cats & Dogs

The following lists the animals which were picked up by the Jackson County Sheriff's Department serving the City of Jackson.

The cat/dog is impounded and can be claimed by calling the Jackson County Sheriff's Department at (507) 847-4420.

Conditions of release of the cat/dog are:
1.)  Proof of current rabies vaccination or vaccination for rabies by Jackson Veterinary Medical Center at owner's expense.
2.)  If the dog/cat is owned or possessed by a resident of Jackson, proof of current City of Jackson dog/cat license or purchase of such license before release.
3.) Payment of any impound and boarding fees.

The dog/cat will be held for five (5) days. If not claimed by the owner it will be disposed of.

MSS 347.14, JCO Sec. 9.20

If you are interested in adopting one of the unclaimed animals please call P.A.W.S. of Jackson animal rescue group: Janice at (507) 841-1834.

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