Community Message Board

Requests for display messages (non-commercial only) from public entities or accredited non-profits that are not Message Board Patrons or Affiliates will be charged $20 per message. A message is defined as: 3 screens of up to 3 lines each, with a maximum of 16 characters per line that will be displayed up to 7 consecutive days.

• Signed message requests must be made on the approved form or via email form with completed contact information.
• Message requests and payment must be received at City Hall two business days before the message is to be displayed.
• Cash or check must be received at the time of the request, unless requestor is a designated Patron or the designee of a Patron.
• Messages are to be Event or Public Service based.
• Non-commercial messages only. No product messages. No for sale messages. No ticket prices.
• Fundraising-type announcements allowed only with the normal payment of $20.00 per message (Patron or Non-Patron).
• No political messages unless event-based. Example: County DFL Convention Today is OK. But, Vote for XXXXX is NOT Ok.
• No personal messages such as Happy Birthday, Just Married, Happy Anniversary, etc.
• Messages to meet local standard of acceptability.
• Emergency messages take precedence.
• Maximum of 10 messages per day, per Patron or purchased message block.
• There is no guarantee of number of views per day, as views per day would be dependent on the number of distinct messages displayed for any given day.
• The Jackson Lodging Association has agreed to serve as the final say on what is/isn't appropriate, settle any access issues if City Staff encounter situations that are not covered by the guidelines. Patrons and single message users are bound by their decision.

Channel 24 Announcement/Messages

• The submission of the announcement to be aired must come from a Jackson resident or community organization. 
      The organization must have a phone prefix of 847.                              
• The announcement must be submitted at least two (2) working days in advance of airing.                               
• Sponsor listed must be a non-profit entity. (A business name may be used.)                              
• Messages rejected may be appealed to the Utility Commission (which meets the last Monday of the month) for their consideration.                              
• The announcement informing of an event/meeting must be a benefit to the community of Jackson.                              
• The form must be signed acknowledging responsibility for message's content and that the Guidelines have been read and understood.                              

Channel 24 Community Programming

Community Service and Programming is available on Jackson's Cable Channel 24 for playback of programs, productions, presentations, services, etc.

Jackson Municipal Cable TV Access Rules for Community Service & Programming Channel

I. Introduction:
    A. The rules and regulations set forth herein below are adopted pursuant to the requirements of Rule 76.251 of the Federal Communications Comission (FCC) and govern the availability and use of the Community Service & Programming Channel (CPSC) of the Jackson Municipal Cable TV System.
    B. The purpose of these operating rules and procedures is to clearly define the rights, responsibilities and privileges of the Jackson area community, in the production and cablecasting of localized programming.
    C. These rules were created by the Jackson Cable Advisory Board, to ensure maximum use by all area individuals, groups and organizations that desire programming over the cable system on a first-come, first-serve non-discriminatory basis after completion of the necessary filings of the Request for Channel Time forms and Responsibility form and consistent with the availability of the CPSC at the time and for the duration requested.
    D. Any individual, group, organization or non-profit group can make use of this service, but no selling, advertising, lotteries, or obscenity or indecent matter of any kind will be allowed. Jackson Cable reserves the right to disallow playback of programs which are not suitable for family viewing or are commercial in any way.
    E. When competing claims for the same channel time arises, the priroity rules shall be resolved by the Advisory Board on a non-discriminatory basis in a manner that will ensure that no one community member, group or organization monopolizes the facilities to the disadvantage of others and that will maximize fairness and diversity of expression. The Advisory Board may also take community interest into account.

II. Operating Rules:
    A. Jackson Cable will offer the CSPC on a first-come, first-serve, non-discriminatory basis. Jackson Cable reserves the right, however, to limit the amount of time granted any one party in order to insure that all users have an opportunity for access.
    B. Advertising material designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services (including advertising by or on behalf of candidates for public office) is prohibited in connection with any access cablecasting over the CSPC.
    C. No program, production or presentation shall be transmitted or permitted to be transmitted on CSPC which involves directly or indirectly any lottery information or which involves a lottery.
    D. No program, production or presentation shall be transmitted or permitted to be transmitted on CSPC which involves any obscene or indecent materials.

III. Priorities
    A. Local government pre-recorded programming and live presentations.
    B. Playback of pre-recorded programs produced by members of the general public who reside within the community and live presentations produced by residents of the community.
    C. Local educational programming and live presentations.
    D. Playback of pre-recorded programs produced by members of the general public who do not reside within the community. Must pertain to the community and be supported by a member of the community.

IV. Format
    A. 1/2" S-VHS or VHS video tapes.
    B. DVDs.

V. Content
    A. The organization or producer of the program bears sole responsibility for the content and material used in the program. The organization or producer's signature must appear beneath the indemnification clause on the Request for Channel Time and Responsibility Form for each program submitted before that program will be cablecast on Channel 6. This responsibility includes libel, defamation, copyright and any other legal accountability that may arise from the production or cablecasting of any program.
    B. All extraneous expenses such as auditorium rental, costumes, copyright clearances shall be incurred by the producer or organization submitting the program. CIty has no responsibility for production of videotapes.
    C. The producer or organization should take necessary action to identify himself or herself to the persons being videotaped and explain the nature of the program being produced and obtain permission for it to be shown.
    D. All appropriate clearances and permissions are the responsibility of the producer or organization.
    E. Any program produced for cablecasting shall not contain any of the following:
        1. Advertising material designed to promote the sale of commercial products or services.
        2. Advertising by or on behalf of candidates for public office.
        3. Lottery information or solicitations.
        4. Obscene, indecent, libelous or slanderous material.
    F. No public meeting that is cablecast shall be altered to change the content or subjected to editorial comment.
    G. Sponsored Programming: A message identifying the sponsor or underwriter may appear briefly on the video to be cablecast. Ex.: This program was made possible by _____________.

VI. Records:
    A. Complete record of names and addresses of all persons or groups requesting time will be made available for public inspection for a period of two years.

VII. Other:
    A. All tapes/dvds for cablecasting must be submitted to City Hall to be reviewed by two members of the Advisory Board.
A request form must be filled out and signed 10 days prior to cablecasting; tape will be aired within three days following submission, if time allows.
    B. Persons submitting the program should indicate on the form any possible cause for concern with regards to the content or technical standards of the program.
    C. City will not edit or alter tape in any way, but the City reserves the right to reject the program on grounds previously mentioned. (Contents: Section 4) or in the event of problematic technical quality.     D. Only City personnel may use the cable network's video equipment.
    E. Requests for cablecast time for pre-recorded programs must be submitted to City Hall at least 10 days in advance of programming time requested. Video tapes will be aired within three days of submission, if time allows.
    F. Two members of the Advisory Board must review tape and approve the video prior to any broadcase occurring. Appeal may be made to full cable committee should the two members who review the tape disallow showing.
    G. Live presentations must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.
    H. Reservations of time on Channel 6 may be made no more than two months prior to the period of cablecasting.

VIII. Cost:
    A. Weekly scheduling of cablecast time shall be subject to operating hours. Hours are as follows:
Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (subject to change due to holidays, vacations, equipment problems, etc.) After Hours: Timer activated, 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (seven days per week)
    B. Cablecasting programs for all individuals will be at no charge unless expenses are incurred by the City to do so. Evenings and weekends there may be a charge incurred when an employee is paid overtime to broadcast the program. The cost must only cover expenses caused by the broadcasting of this program and the producer or sponsor must be notified in advance of these expenses.

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