Rental Housing Ordinance

This section contains information on the Rental Ordinance regarding housing for the City of Jackson.  It includes forms on how to register a rental unit, how to transfer a registered/licensed unit, and how to make a formal complaint against an owner of a licensed unit.  The guide "Rights and Responsibilities of Owners/Tenants" can be obtained from City Hall if more information is needed.

Attached Document or FileRental Complaint Form This form can be filled out and a copy given to the owner/manager and to the City. Any complaints made under the ordinance must be given in writing, must be made by a current tenant living in the unit, and must give owner/manager sufficient time to correct the problem once notified.
Attached Document or FileInspection Form This form is filled out by both the owner/manager and the potential tenant. All items must pass in order for the unit to be licensed.
Attached Document or FileTransfer of Ownership Form for Registered Rental If a registered unit is sold, the license does not automatically transfer. This form needs to be completed and the fees need to be paid. Inquire for details.
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